27. May 2023 13:03 CET
Papi (PAPI) ERC20 token has dropped heavily by over 45% in the past 24 hours, like a falling stone. Is it a good time to buy or is it headed towards zero?

26. May 2023 23:26 CET
Shanghai Inu (SHANG) ERC20 Token has surged by 46.95% on CMC. Is it oversold or a wise investment opportunity?

25. May 2023 00:15 CET
REFUND (RFD) ERC20 Token with an impressive $34.75M within the last 24 hours! Next gem?

24. May 2023 17:12 CET
BEN ERC20 Token soaring 40.66% on DEXTools, smashing through new all-time highs!

24 May 2023 11:30 CET
KAVA has emerged as the top gainer among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, with a remarkable 32% surge in the past 7 days! 🔥

24 May 2023 11:16 CET
Is the dropping value of GMX token from the Decentralized Perpetual Exchange a sign of a slowing cryptocurrency trading market? 📉

24 May 2023 09:30 CET
The team behind the Ethereum token LINDA had their Twitter account suspended, leading to a downward spiral of constant price drops. Does this mark the end for the token project?

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