BSC Token Generator

Create a BEP20 Token with just a few clicks! No login. No setup. No coding is required.

✅ Blockchain Verification
Your BNB token will be securely verified on the blockchain, providing transparent and immutable transaction records. This ensures the authenticity and reliability of your token, offering peace of mind to both token holders and investors.

✅ Standardized Settings
We provide a token/contract that includes all the customary settings required for seamless integration within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. You have control over essential parameters such as token name, symbol, and decimal precision, aligning your token with industry standards.

✅ Fixed Supply
Unlike some tokens, your BNB token will not be mintable or burnable, ensuring a stable and fixed supply. This feature enhances the token’s credibility, providing assurance to stakeholders and preserving its long-term value.

Many token generators in the market charge high fees, sometimes up to 0.7 BNB, along with additional gas fees for deploying your token on the blockchain.

🔥 At CoinPeekers, we offer an unbeatable price of just 0.06 BNB to generate your token, making us the most cost-effective solution available.

Generating your token is a straightforward process. Simply fill out the provided form, proceed with the payment of 0.065 BNB, and provide us with the address where you would like to receive your token. We will then utilize that address to deploy the contract securely.

Ready? Let’s create your BEP20 token now!