World Cup Grow

World Cup Grow
BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0x3efc5c6858351e969b3e6dad4f83cc57c2d5f815
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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ World Cup Grow πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

ℹ️ Token name: World Cup Grow
ℹ️ Symbol: WCG
ℹ️ Decimals: 18
πŸ“ Contract: 0x3eFC5c6858351e969B3E6DAD4f83Cc57C2D5F815
πŸ“… Launched: 18/11/2022

πŸ—¨ Telegram: Cup Grow
🌐 Website: https://World Cup
πŸ“± Twitter:

πŸš€ Low MCAP 1000x Potential
βœ… NO HoneyPot
βœ… NO Blacklist

🎁 Buy On Pancakeswap:

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βœ… Verified Contract
πŸ”’ Locked Liquidity
πŸ’° No Private sale
πŸ’Ž Highest Fixed APY 2,087,120.5%
πŸ’Ž Interest Paid Every 15 Minutes!
πŸ’Ž Interest Paid 2.76243269% Perday!
πŸ’Ž Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet!
πŸ’Ž Double Rewards System!
πŸ’Ž BUSD Rewards every 60 minutes!
πŸ’Ž WCG Rewards every 15 Minutes!
πŸ’Ž Earn 2087x in 300 days by simply holding $WCGR
πŸ’Ž NFT Marketplace
πŸ’Ž NFT Token
πŸ’Ž WCG Miner
πŸ’Ž WCG Swap
πŸ’Ž Play2Earn
πŸ’Ž Move2Earn
πŸš€ 1000x Potential