Negative Stealth

Negative Stealth
BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0x9766d5871ce402B1fdD10cCE15cAEeb0
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Description ( as published by the token …)

➖ $NEGA is the first stealth launch on BSC with Negative Tax. Investors will be rewarded with 3% extra $NEGA tokens on every purchase instead of paying tax 🔥

✌️ 3% Airdropped $NEGA on every purchase
💰 2% BUSD Rewards
🔥 3% Buy back / Burn
🔐 Audited & Renounced Contract

The starting MC will be low ( ~3k ) and big names will push. Maybe print hard at launch by killing some zeros 🔥

🚀 Negative Stealth Launching on Pancakeswap on Thursday at 16:00 UTC

🌍 Website: