Multiback Finance

Multiback Finance
BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0x2D4D33506417b455Fd151FE421903dED2D3baEA1
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Our architecture was tailored to push the limits of decentralized trading, with a technical stack built to support advanced charting functionality, new synthetic assets, trading automation, and much more.

🔥Platform Overview🔥
Fully on-chain order book perpetual exchange where users can create positions against performance of synthetic assets with leverage up to 100x.
💠 Backing the perpetual vault and leveraged trading by minting or redeeming MultiBack
💠 Creating or closing leveraged positions on supported synthetic assets
💠 Transactions typically take a long time to complete.
💠 Managing pending or open positions with triggered ordes
💠 Staking MultiBack or MULTI for various ecosystem rewards

🔥Trading Features🔥
MultiBack exchange provides traders with a powerful platform for leveraged trading supported by robust hybrid on-chain and off-chain architecture.

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