BEP20 Token
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Description ( as published by the token …)

MPUBG has a regulatory effect on play to earn, which will be used to combine chests.

Use case
When anyone crafts an avatar chest or weapon chest, in addition to spending avatar fragments or weapon fragments, they will also pay the corresponding $MPUBG. To combine an avatar chest, a min MPUBG of at least 10 USD is required, and weapon chest requires a min of MPUBG of at least 5 USD. Therefore, MPUBG adjusts the cost and price of the chest.
All MPUBG spent on chest will enter the treasury and will be used for competition rewards, community contributos and promotion or cooperation. The tokens in the treasury belong to everyone are locked 80% after launch. They need to be voted by the community on it can be used. However in the early stages it is crucial to get the game “right” first and develop it to the envisioned version. For this the team aims to let investors and players eventually take over the reins, but still allow the development team to take reasonable control in the beginning to develop the game.