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🚀🚀 MG launch alert 🚀🚀
MetaGod is an application platform that supports the virtual world network, which includes the digital economy, the actual application and reference of the metauniverse, the development and development of the metauniverse game, the support of AI and VR technology, the combination of the real economy and the virtual economy, to provide users with digital asset storage, Trading, wealth management, steady income, characterization, the personal virtual economy and personal reality linked to the economy, in the yuan god world, anyone can choose their own identity。
Why choose MetaGod?
🚩 Yuan universe AI, VR hotspot
🚩 Metaverse Game Development
🚩 Yuan Universe NFT
🚩 Yuanshenswap
🚩 Future space applications
🚩 The Strongest Influence Support
🔆 Token Economics:
📊 Total issue of 10 million
Tax mechanism: Buying and selling 5%
✅ Marketing: 2.5%
✅ Cash dividend: 2%
✅ Developer: 0.5%
Launch time
UTC February 15, 2023 12: 00 [20: 00 GMT]
Binance Chain Pancake Launch