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​🌅🌅🌅 Catching up with the June trend of opening a crypto hub in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is about to become the center of the crypto world. More Chinese will come to this field in the future. China will soon be the precursor to the bull market in 2023. The wind of the secondary market has blown, and the whole world is playing China’s BSC, there is no such faucet in the primary market. , so this coin Our goal is the sea of ​​stars and let the whole world follow us fomo🇭🇰 and say that China is number 1
Our Hong Kong offline promotion is in full swing! ! ! !

We have reached a strategic partnership with HKBIA and hope everyone will come together to represent China’s new crypto power and reach a higher level.

📑Contract: 0x001fa6c58d8b46908f34255d940b4e1ba6c72e8f

Tax: 3/3

📱Telegram channel 🇭🇰: https://t.me/hongkongzilla
🇨🇳CHAT TG Sunday :https://t.me/hongkongzillacn
🇺🇸 CHAT https://t.me/+aJSg3xWeUnI1MWU0