BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0xB9EcA12763776C23cd8abd419e8747F338AfaB4c
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⚡️GateSwap | Decentralized margin trading protocol⚡️

Welcome to permissionless leveraged trading with up to 50x leverage on any of your favorite tokens

✅ No KYC
Jump straight in, with no registration, verification or KYC/AML required!

✅ Non-custodial
You are 100% in control of your funds at all time and there is no trusted third party involved in the process. Your keys and your funds!

✅ Decentralized governance
Once the GateSwap project reaches network maturity the DAO will direct all aspects of development and governance through a provably fair voting scheme

✅ Decentralized price oracle system
This is no reliance on external third parties for price data (e.g. no chainlink, no centralized nodes)

📣 Launch Date: 09 JAN, 15:00 UTC 📣

✅ 100% on-chain
The entire margin trading system is deployed on unbreakable smart contracts with no centralized components