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What is ForeverSFM
🚀 Introduction
By simply holding, you will earn crypto currencies – BNB
The longer you hold, the more you earn with the charts always going up through our dividends mechanism – it really is that simple.
The devs and mods are ready to answer any questions you may have
So come on over, get involved, and do not miss out on the next multi million dollar mcap coin.. A coin with real utility, Hold and Earn BNB effortlessly!

🚀 On The Skills
One of the first token with dividend yields in BNB along with rebasing tokenomics.

🚀 BNB Dividend Reward
ForeverSFM proposes an innovative feature in its contract : DIVIDEND PAYMENT IN BNB AND AN EVERGREEN CHART THROUGH REINVESTMENTS ! Check for yourself some screenshots of people that got rewarded with BNB