Fintrade Zone

Fintrade Zone
BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0xE660ead5AA86eEE67C9cE5c6E3Fe0c34A79C6dDD
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Fintrade Zone is the 2023 most promising crypto project with Blockchain based uniquely design 3 use cases that’s the crypto world never seen before. 3 use cases are as follow :

FinCard : Blockchain based EMV certified Smart Card compliance manufacturing unit.

CITP : Community Owned Profit Sharing Crypto Investment & Trading Platform.

Blockto-V : Blockchain based Cyber Security Antivirus and distributed ledger oriented multi-malware detection engine.

FTZ Token has fixed 2 billion maximum supply, from where 45% is for ICO pre-sale. Pre-sale is going to Live very soon. FTZ Team believe that this is a life time opportunities for crypto investors to invest such a legit & unique project.