CupBoll Bolao

CupBoll Bolao
BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0x5DB4A5616c21F75E71D4399F8e71D621e8de3fdb
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Description ( as published by the token …)

UPBOLL is a token created on the BEP20 network linked to a system where holders will be able to place bets within our own platform and have the possibility of making their capital multiply several times.

There was no private sale or public sale of the project, the launch will take place fairly on the COINTIGER exchange, where liquidity is locked


It’s very simple, through our platform investors will be able to place their bets via CRYPTOCURRENCY and PIX and CREDIT CARD, when the bet is placed, 77% of the values go to a portfolio for the payment of the prize, 20% for injection in the graph, 3% goes to Stake NFTs making our investors earn passive income.

The bet per result, which in this case will be the so-called sweepstakes, will have a fixed amount. The bet placed on games within our platform will have a minimum value of one real per bet