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STEALTH LAUNCHING ON 27 FEBRUARY 2023 CryptoAid otherwise known as CAD is a token on the Binance Smart Chain Network to help improve the overall well-being of the people. CryptoAid is designed to provide free medical consultation, Legal and Media guides, Relationship & Marriage Counselling and other key areas.
Holders of CryptoAid would have free limited access once a month to seek advice from the team of partners who are experts in their various fields. This vision would be expanded in near future with the development of our mobile application and the creation of a social question-and-answer platform (FORUM).
The social question-and-answer website would be a place to gain and share knowledge. It would be a platform to ask questions and connect with experts who contribute unique insights and quality answers.
CryptoAid wishes to bring fun to crypto trading as Cryptocurrencies are predicted to see mainstream adoption within the next 10 years.