Borzoi Inu

Borzoi Inu
BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0x08da9eb6147694e671a455d946a620a70d721eae
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Description ( as published by the token …)

Borzoi Inu is the first decentralized wolfhound living on the Binance Smart Chain. Like the whitepaper states our final target in the “Borzoi Unleashed” stage is releasing the Long Snout Watch platform, a platform to track the price of all tokens released on the BSC automatically. BSC is just the start, Ethereum would be next, and Polygon to follow.

Borzoi Inu was born literally, yesterday. But the idea goes back a few months starting with a simple token initially, then expanding on to bigger things, hence Long Snout Watch.

Borzoi Inu is currently in the “Birth” stage, the initial plan is simple, get the word out about $BORZ, run contests for the community, let people enjoy themselves. Plans get a little more serious in the “Puppy Stage” where $BORZ will get listed on new DEX’s other than PancakeSwap, will get audited, and show a preview of the NFT collection we plan.