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Contract address: 0xA9CF19f0d861A025895A1D657c6992c8Fd9F02fC
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Amarscoin(AMSC) is the official currency of the Amarscity Ecosystem. Amarscity is a smart-city enhancement platform that wants to elevate the lives of members through smart-city blockchain integrated services that can be accessed from any location. Amarscity is creating a smart-city multipurpose service delivery station powered by the INTERNET, IOT, BIGDATA, AI and BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.
Amarscity will be a fortress of privacy-protecting smart devices and web applications, user-owned datasets and models, cross-chain bridges and exchanges, and far-reaching Dapps – powered by Amarscoin. Developers in our community will be able to: launch a Dapp, launch a Token, run a node, integrate IoT devices, go cross-chain, trade Assets.
Amarscoin will connect the physical and digital world. In addition to representing fractional ownership of Amarscity, Amarscoin has multiple uses (or “utility”) that will enable trusted and transparent interactions between various stakeholders