BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0xa4389197B6f4084A18e2B79f4E35ad387405eC60
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Description ( as published by the token …)

In the world where fud from governments tries to destroy ppl movements. GREENCZ rises to save the world.

I give to you $GZ, a 100% community token, its goal is just one, to moon. So 9% from every buy and sell
goes to burnt LP, and 1% tax directly to binance charity wallet. Contract will be renounced.

Additionally 50% of the supply has been dropped to binance charity wallet.

There is no team, community will create and run this and come together to build whats needed to make this a success.

Scanners will fail to read the contract correctly till higher market caps as $GZ will launch with 4 dollar in LP and
a max wallet of 1%.