Denji Inu

Denji Inu
BEP20 Token
Contract address: 0x59a1d6f2e3843b6d0cc618489a2836ff9ac716ae
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Description ( as published by the token …)

Denji Inu is a Meme BSC based Token driven by the community, it is designed to give maximum reward to the community members through the Holder’s Reward which is 2% of every transaction.

Denji Inu Aims to bring back the old days of the BSC Meme Tokens that pumps crazy because of the strong community power.
The community will take the token to top of the crypto space and make BSC Meme great once again.

The Token is inspired by Denji who is the main protagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime series.
As a young boy, he inherits his father’s debts from the Yakuza. After meeting Pochita, he becomes a Devil Hunter for the Yakuza in an attempt to clear his debt and ultimately works for the public safety at last.